Natural Disaster Preparedness


We've done our job when:

•  You can identify the most common causes of house fires and have a strategy to minimize the likelihood of each of these;

•  You and your family are twice as likely to survive a house fire than the general population;

•  You have the knowledge to select the fire prevention and detection tools most suitable to you;

•  Minimize the property damage and maximize the survivability of a house fire.

Fast facts

•  Home fires are the single most common disaster in the United States!

•  More than 4,000 American die in house fires each year!

•  Another 20,000 people are injured.

•  $8,600,000,000 of property damage per year in the United States due to fires.

•  Incidences of house fires in the United States are growing

•  Children under 5 and seniors over 65 are more than twice as likely to die in a house fire

•  Carbon monoxide is a deadly invisible, colorless, odorless gas that is a byproduct of burning carbon based fuels. Almost all homes in the United States use some carbon based fuels such as coal, natural gas, wood, oil, and propane.

•  Carbon monoxide poisoning claims 480 lives and sends over 15,000 Americans to the hospital every year.

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